Sarah – Rock Trust

The workshops Conrad facilitated here at the Rock Trust ran for 7 weeks over the Summer , the young peoples feedback was all positive Conrad was brilliant and he was easy to get along with , the young people learned loads of new skills and wrote songs and learned different rhythms and about music from other cultures.

Working with Conrad the young people had the opportunity to learn about recording on a lap top using a condenser mic. This further developed the young people skills in making music and working with others as well as learning transferable skills in technology and recording. Conrad is a community music facilitator so he offered outside community group to the young people to attend at weekends at Out of the Blue Drill Hall and the Platform Project which took place at Waverly Station, which gave the young people the opportunity to connect back with their local community.

The Rock Trust works with young people who have been affected by homelessness, our aim is to give them the experiences and skills to lead an independent life