Worlds First Bicycle

This is a short animation about the creation of the Worlds First bicycle and it’s eventful journey in 1842, via a Gorbals jail on the outskirts of Glasgow, whilst being ridden by it’s inventor, Kirkpatrick Macmillan.

Rotoscope revived!

Short animations made with participants at City Edinburgh Libraries in 2016 & Serenity Cafe in 2017.

HubStep Dynamo

Video of performance with McFalls chamber of Kirkpatrick’s Journey  in Stirling Tolbooth filmed in April ’15 and the animation backdrop made by Conrad Molleson and Adam Gierasimiuk.  

Speedy Skier

      This Project involved a group of young autistic learners from Kaimes School, aged between 14 & 18, working in partnership with animation students from ECA and our production team. It was originally called the Digital Dudes, briefly became Awesome Skier Gurlz until the group finally settled upon the name Speedy Skier. The…


CHAiN celebrates Scotland’s role in the development and innovation of the bicycle and its significance as a mode of recreation and transport.

Unsung Stories

A series of animated films made with children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Stones & Thrones

An animated film about the history of the Stone of Destiny, created with residents and volunteers from Edinburgh Cyrenians